curriculum vitae

Core Skills:

  • Taking ideas and developing them into reliable and attractive products.
  • Identifying strategic product opportunities.
  • Innovative problem solving.
  • Product development using appropriate engineering and effective production methods.
  • Project and risk management.
  • Supply chain development (esp. sourcing components and tooling).
  • Product and concept visualization.
  • Engineering and aesthetic CAD modelling (SolidWorks & Pro/ENGINEER).
  • BS 8888 compliant engineering drawings including GD&T.

Adamsez: Company Product Designer (2006 to present)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Product designer for a leading manufacturer of baths and shower enclosures in Northern Ireland.

DESIGN ACHIEVEMENTS: Successfully contributed new bath designs to the company's range of luxury free standing and general baths. Developed significant new additions to the cubical, walk-in and wet room shower enclosure product ranges.

DESIGN MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: Successfully sourced a wide range of components and new product tooling from existing and new suppliers in the UK, ROI and mainland Europe. Component designs have been adapted to new production methods as a part of negotiating competitive prices and delivery schedules.

SUPPORT EXPERIENCE: A wide range of company sales, marketing and technical literature has been designed and produced for both print and digital distribution (including html). In support of sales colleagues technical advice and information has been provided to retailers, installers and end users. Retail market research has been undertaken to identify nascent technical and style trends in the bathroom market. In collaboration with interior and architectural designers existing products have been modified to enable installation into difficult locations. Working closely with IT and marketing colleagues I contributed significantly to the design and creation of the company's new website,

Pearson Matthews: Senior Designer and Project Leader (2000 to 2006)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Senior product designer and project leader in a large medical/healthcare product design consultancy.

DESIGN ACHIEVEMENTS: Experience has been acquired designing new products by typically taking new technologies and developing them into reliable, aesthetically appealing products. Successful products were created for the diabetic, diagnostic device and surgical instrument markets for clients including Arkray/Hypoguard, Inverness Medical and DePuy. Solutions were optimised for sale through 'high street' retailers in addition to traditional distribution by healthcare authorities.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE: Gained experience in managing design teams of up to five designers and engineers. Report and proposal writing was an integral part of design activities in order to aid the negotiation of budgets, deliverables and deadlines. Established adaptive and constructive relationships with clients and collaborators allowing effective development of design solutions.

SUPPORT EXPERIENCE: The majority of devices designed required the effective housing of analogue and digital electronics. Plastic and metal prototype toolmaking was sourced, commissioned and monitored personally or by delegation to colleagues. In collaboration with engineering colleagues regulatory compliant test protocols were produced, externally vetted and implemented. Following workplace consultation, created core quality procedures which led to the successful implementation of ISO:9001 quality management system.

Fathom Design: Senior Designer & Partner (1996 to 2000)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Senior designer in a small industrial design consultancy. Full participation as a junior partner in the 'day to day' management and long term development of the consultancy.

DESIGN ACHIEVEMENTS: Design and development of new products for the transport, exhibition, corporate marketing and computer display markets. This encompassed work for major national and multinational clients including Eurostar, Kowloon and Canton Railway, 3M, and Best Western Hotels. Effective solutions were personally produced from initial pencil and model sketches to production with the aid of 3D CAD models and photo realistic computer images.

SUPPORT EXPERIENCE: Experience was gained in the design and development of fabricated metal products. Final production components were created through the use of extrusion and casting in aluminium as well as CNC folding, stamping and laser cutting in aluminium and steel. Manufacturing component drawings for these parts was typically produced by myself.

Jackel International: Senior Product Designer (1990 to 1996)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Part of a design team of eight developing a range of baby and infant care products.

DESIGN ACHIEVEMENTS: Design and amendment of new and existing products in the feeding, home safety, bath plastics and toy product areas of the company. This included developing brand enhancing products for major multinational companies including Boots, Mothercare and Hasbro. Work was done from sketch to production using finished presentation visuals, engineering and appearance models. Production drawings have been done by delegation or personally to the appropriate BS/ISO standards (including geometric dimensioning and tolerancing).

SUPPORT EXPERIENCE: Gained expertise in achieving the best aesthetic and engineering results from injection moulding, vacuum forming, blow moulding (extrusion and injection) and 2 shot insert moulding (manual and automatic). Products have been produced in a wide range of thermoform, thermoset plastics and rubbers. A wide variety of mould tools have been commissioned and production monitored both in the UK, US and the Far East.

Jones Garrard: Product Designer (1987 to 1990)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Design of products for the medical, consumer and transport markets for national and multinational clients as part of a multidisciplinary consultancy.

EXPERIENCE: Involved a varied range of projects for clients including 3M, Boots, Eurostar, London Underground and British Rail. Actively involved in large rail transport projects ranging from 'new build' to refurbishment of existing rolling stock. Also worked on brand conscious consumer products where effective interpretation of client markets was essential.

Conran Design Group: Product Designer (1984 to 1987)

JOB DESCRIPTION: Member of the Mothercare product and graphic design team within Conran Design Group. Principally working on new product design and range development for the childcare market.

EXPERIENCE: Designed children's furniture utilising panel, knock-down and dowel assembly techniques. Had significant involvement in the design of the 'Via' pushchair which was awarded the The British Plastics Federation's 'Horner' award for innovation. Gained experience in design and installation of shop fittings and signage.

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